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The yoga brick is an essential accessory in your practices.

By using the yoga brick you get additional support for performing various asanas and help your body and spine become more flexible and mobile.

The unique Zodiac collection is designed for people who value atmosphere and, in a sense, art.

When designing this collection, we tried to take into account the smallest details for your comfort.

The brick is made of cork, so it is very light and almost weightless. It is easy to take with you wherever you practice.

When you attend training sessions, practices, or just classes with the Zodiac Yoga Brick, you literally turn everyone’s attention to yourself. No one will be left indifferent to the unique applications and the very concept of the collection.

Purchasing various elements from the Zodiac collection you get closer to nature and maximum harmony with yourself and your body.

Length 23 cm

Width 12 cm

Height 7,5 cm

Weight 450 g

Material – cork


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