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In deep relaxation practice, it is very important to relax the eyes.

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In deep relaxation practice, it is very important to relax the eyes. A pillow filled with flax seeds with a lavender scent, as it were, draws on the static vital energy and thereby helps to relieve tension in the eye area, creates a feeling of heaviness in the eyeballs and protects the eyes from light, which is so necessary in shavasana and yoga nidra.

If you wear a regular blindfold to relax and protect your eyes from light, then try this pillow and you will understand what the real Shavasana effect is!

The unique properties of the pillow can be used at home and at work, in short moments of rest, give the body a full relaxation.

While resting, relax and take a comfortable position. Place the pillow comfortably on your forehead and close your eyes. The darkness and gentle pressure of the pad will relieve eye strain and nervous tension.

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Cotton, Flax, Lavender seed


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