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The most common way to store your mat is to place it in a case. The most popular cases have a cylindrical shape, which is what the product Mandala Black has.

The accessory protects the mat from adverse weather conditions and external physical impact. However, you should not hide the yoga mat immediately after classes, this product should necessarily dry out.

The case with the yoga mat inside is comfortable to carry in your hand or on your shoulder. Mandala Black case is made of blended fabric, 80% cotton and 20% polyester.

The product is suitable for carrying yoga mats up to 60-63 cm width. This black cover is made with a white print in an oriental theme.

Pay attention to this accessory that will become your indispensable assistant when you attend fitness and yoga classes. It is very comfortable to use this cover, because it does not take much space, but at the same time keeps the yoga mat in perfect condition.

Fits mats up to 60-63 cm width

Cover length 65 cm

Diameter 16 cm

Weight 0,2 kg

Material – blended fabric, 80% cotton, 20% polyester

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