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The Ramayoga Mandala Crescent Meditation Cushion is filled with natural buckwheat husk (buckwheat).

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The Ramayoga Mandala Crescent Meditation Cushion is filled with natural buckwheat husk (buckwheat). Such a stylish and practical accessory will be indispensable for people leading a healthy lifestyle, going in for sports, yoga and loving meditation practices.

A faithful and reliable assistant – the orthopedic pillow Mandala in the shape of a crescent, will give its owners an excellent opportunity to relax and meditate in the most comfortable conditions. Thanks to the completely natural filler, the pillow will be ideal for lovers of quality products on a natural basis. With its help, you can easily take a comfortable body position to rest, relax or exercise, while making this pastime convenient and beneficial for your health.

Buckwheat husk perfectly circulates the air, maintaining the temperature inside the product that is necessary for the human body. Made of cotton fabric, delicate and pleasant to the touch, the crescent crescent Ramayoga pillow cover does not cause allergies, does not absorb unpleasant odors and moisture, which also brings sheer pleasure from using the accessory.

Stylish and original pillow for yoga and meditation Mandala Ramayoga is offered in three colors. The buckwheat husk crescent pillow perfectly supports your back and neck while you practice yoga, read or watch a movie. She will become the same reliable assistant in the process of ordinary rest. Providing the necessary support to your body, the Mandala pillow improves posture, reduces pain in the knee and hip joints, which helps to achieve the desired level of comfort. And due to the fact that the pillow is filled with natural buckwheat, the accessory allows the body to assume a variety of and, most importantly, comfortable positions, creating good stability and minimizing any discomfort.

Comfortable and compact, the signature Ramayoga Mandala pillow will become an indispensable companion for amateurs and professionals of spiritual practices such as yoga and meditation, will help you to relax and focus in the best way on the lesson, make practices with benefit and the most productive result.

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  1. Anna Wilson

    Great pillow!!!

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