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Mandala Ramayoga round cushion for meditation is filled with buckwheat husk.

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Mandala Ramayoga round cushion for meditation is filled with buckwheat husk. The compact and incredibly comfortable pillow is easy to transport and adapts to the practitioner, perfect for outdoor gatherings and games with children, tea drinking, relaxation and just a comfortable pastime for which such a pillow is needed.
Thanks to eco-friendly, hypoallergenic and breathable fabric, the pillow retains its shape and accumulated heat, which makes it just as great for normal sleep. The small weight and size of the accessory allows you to take it with you, and the smooth fabric of the product makes it easy to keep the pad clean and in perfect condition.
A pillow with buckwheat husk for yoga and meditation will help to maintain postures and even posture for as long as necessary, relieve tension from the back, legs, knees and ankles, and thoroughly relax and rest. Such a miniature pillow will provide not only comfortable, but also the correct position of the spine, which will contribute to a powerful meditative state, and also, productive yoga practices.

What’s more, the traditional, round-shaped yoga and meditation cushion is adorned with beautiful design patterns that make the accessory so watchable and attractive. And also an indispensable simple and useful pillow will be for beginners of yoga practitioners, and everyone who practices in cold rooms. A small ottoman will protect the body from hypothermia, make sitting yoga poses more comfortable and effective.

Present such a signature Ramayoga Mandala meditation cushion to your friends or close-minded people – the accessory will definitely appeal to all individuals who are not indifferent to yoga and meditation, and will provide comfort and care wherever it is most needed. In addition, a small, stylish and original pillow Mandala Ramayoga will become not only a good helper in practice, but also a wonderful decoration for any interior, create the right atmosphere, and give comfort.
There are Mandala pillows in three colors.

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1 review for Meditation pillow Mandala RamaYoga

  1. Anna Wilson

    Excellent quality. Polite and competent consultants. Fast and accurate delivery. Everyone is happy. One small “but”: I took two pillows gray and brown, and in fact the height is different: gray – 18 cm, brown – 15 cm. I liked the gray one more.

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