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A buckwheat pillow is a must for stretching, Pilates, yoga and other exercises.

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A buckwheat pillow is a must for stretching, Pilates, yoga and other exercises. Household appliances are also needed when a person is doing stretching or gymnastics, and at the same time, the back muscles need to recover and relax after severe stress.

This video has many benefits. Many physical exercises are much easier to do with it. The outer roller cover is made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester. The accessory looks new even after prolonged use. Keeping your clothes clean is easy – the lid can be removed and washed with any mild detergent.

The diameter of the roller, which is most suitable for the bending of the spine, ideally corrects the position of the back, in particular the lumbar spine. This makes it easy to do all types of exercises that involve bending forward. The accessory serves as a support for the body when there is a lack of stretching. This provides the necessary relaxation of the ligaments and muscles.

A buckwheat roller inside removes constraints and blocks in the body. This creates the necessary traction and straightens your posture. Thanks to its softness, it provides pregnant women with smooth curves in the lumbar region.

We are pleased to offer you a high quality product at an affordable price for easy shopping in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 60 × 22 × 22 cm



Buckwheat husk, Cotton, Mixed, Plywood, PVC, Varnish

1 review for Yoga bolster buckwheat Om RamaYoga (orange)

  1. Anna Wilson

    I liked the roller very much! I unpacked it immediately after receiving it and was very pleased with the purchase! Appearance is pleasant. Comfortable, moderately hard. It fits very well to the body during exercise, which allows you to perform exercises correctly, without overloading your back.

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