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Bolster is often used as a corrector for the lower back, spine and back in general.

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Bolster is often used as a corrector for the lower back, spine and back in general. Thanks to him, it is possible to perform forward bends. In this case, the prop will act as a support where the body needs to stretch, and the muscles of your back will be relaxed at the same time.

But it is even more common to perform backbends on the props, when you place the bolster under your back, and the pelvic region remains on the floor. This stretches the muscles of the lower back. For the same purpose, you can use sandbags or weights that are placed on the shoulders to straighten the posture.

Earth Elements Collection buckwheat props are often used at home for yoga and Pilates exercises. Even without delving into the basics of bolster yoga, you can do exercises that target your back.

Buckwheat husk has a therapeutic effect, as it has healing properties. Use this green props more often. Place it under your back, even while lying on the couch and relaxing, and the bolster will have a beneficial effect.

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Weight 5 kg
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Buckwheat husk, Cotton, Mixed

1 review for Yoga bolster Earth

  1. Anna Wilson

    Excellent roller! Dense, the material is of high quality, sewn wonderfully, does not lose its shape. Well relaxes the muscles of the back and neck. Lying on it is a pleasure!

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