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Yoga Bolster contains a natural filler – one hundred percent buckwheat husk.

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Yoga Bolster contains a natural filler – one hundred percent buckwheat husk. It is used under the legs, as an armrest and under the lower back. These props are used to create support when sitting, lying, bending, and bending poses are performed. With their help, asanas are performed in different practices. These props can easily replace all kinds of benches, they are simple and convenient to use. Bolster also has an additional beneficial effect: buckwheat husk massages the body.

The Water Elements Collection blue buckwheat yoga bolsters are a useful accessory for beginner yogis who are still lacking in flexibility. Moreover, this indispensable relaxing accessory is also suitable for the experienced craftsman.

Props are used to perform forward and backward bends. It is convenient for those with limited elasticity of tendons and muscles. For example, when bending forward, it takes on the weight of a person’s body. This creates a soft support for the yogi and can relax the muscles of the back and legs.

The removable cover can be washed to keep the props used on the floor clean.

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 22 × 22 cm



Buckwheat husk, Cotton, Mixed

1 review for Yoga bolster Water

  1. Anna Wilson

    Relaxes back muscles well.

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