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The yoga block is made of solid pine.

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The yoga block is made of solid pine. The wood used in production has undergone special processing (in special dryers), which excludes the possibility of deformation of the product. The surface of the stretcher is crushed, impregnated with natural wax, and the corners are rounded.

Pine is a great material for such an accessory. It is known that it gives a person a powerful energy impulse, ensures vital activity, increases immunity, plays the role of an antidepressant.

This support is a great help in yoga practice. Thanks to its use, you have the opportunity to perform even complex asanas without unnecessary stress. The use of a yoga block ensures the desired quality of the posture as well as its safety.

You cannot do without yoga blocks at different stages of yoga mastery. Brick is an indispensable aid in building the body. If the correct size of the support is chosen, it can be used at any level of flexibility. This accessory is considered to be especially useful for beginners because at the beginning of the practice you need additional support in order to perform asanas without unnecessary tension in the body.

High quality pine wood is used for the manufacture of these blocks. The corners and edges are rounded so the accessory is easy to use and provides comfortable support.
For maximum comfort while exercising, you can buy two yoga blocks. It is a pleasure to use the block, especially since it has a pleasant pine scent.

We are pleased to offer you a high quality product at an affordable price for easy shopping in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

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Dimensions 12 × 8 cm



Birchwood, Print, Wood

1 review for Yoga brick Mandala design 3

  1. Anna Wilson

    Smooth surface, durable as it should be for practicing

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