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This is a quite popular mat that has its own advantages. The props can easily tolerate any transportation, as a result of which it is ideal for outdoor yoga lovers.

A Mandala Grey Germany mat for yoga classes is considered to be one of the best props out of the huge number of PVC analogues, especially when it comes to its property as anti-slip. The thickness of the product is 4.5 mm.

When considering the benefits of this mat, it is worth mentioning its quality. In addition, it is durable. The mat can be used for months for its intended purpose, and still nothing will happen to it. These props are very reliable. Thanks to the material used in their manufacture, they do not deform and are resistant to various external influences.

When you do yoga, the smooth side of the mat is tight to the floor without creating discomfort. When you take the mat with you outdoors, you don’t have to worry about how it grips the surface. The functional coating of the product allows shaking off the sand from its surface and even washing the props in a washing machine (without using washing powder and at 30 ̊С). After this, the appearance of the mat will definitely not deteriorate.

Grey yoga mat Mandala Grey Germany is a stylish and useful accessory for classes.

Material: PVC HD (reinforced high density PVC)

Length 183 cm

Width 60 cm

Thickness 3 mm

Weight 1.4 kg

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