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The yoga wheel is a huge support for your body and spine.

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The yoga wheel is a huge support for your body and spine.

Lying on the yoga wheel stretches your back, arches and shoulders better. Also, by leaning on supports, you can get rid of clamps and blocks in your back, neck and muscles.

There are many different asanas with which the yoga wheel can be used.
Since it is not a static enough support, it can be difficult to practice with at first, but a little effort is enough and you can fully master the practice using the yoga wheel.

The Dream Om Green Yoga Wheel allows you to:

• open the chest back gently and comfortably. Great for opening the upper back, shoulder girdle. When doing back flexion asanas, the Yoga Wheel will help you secure your back by gently stretching your spine;
• make your deviations better;
• make your back more flexible;
• relax your muscles;
• activate the flexors of the shoulders and hips;
• stretch ATVs;
• activates the heart chakra (Anahata);
• balance and balance of trains;
• deepens the split (while in the split, leave your back foot on the floor and place your front foot on the wheel);
The wheel is designed to help stretch and relieve tension and tension in the muscles in your back, chest, shoulders, abdomen, and hips.
In addition to training your back, with the yoga wheel, you can strengthen all other parts of the body, exercise balance, concentration, flexibility safely and effectively.

The wheel has an interesting texture and design that makes you turn around and take a closer look, considering every detail.

We are pleased to offer you a high quality product at an affordable price for easy shopping in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Additional information

Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 15 × 32 cm



Plywood, PVC, Varnish

1 review for Yoga Wheel Om RamaYoga 35cm (green)

  1. Anna Wilson

    An excellent option for the first purchase of such a thing. For the initial level of development of the flexibility of the back, that’s it. I bought it specifically for working with my back, it justifies itself. Simple, high quality, works.

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