It is very difficult for yoga-beginners to perform some asanas, since the muscles have not yet strengthened and they cannot do without additional help. You can, of course, find yourself a partner who will help, but what to do if, after all, there is no partner? For such cases, we specially designed a unique Air Elements Collection Yoga Bolster.

Our Bolster helps to properly distribute the load on the spine and neck, as well as relax the body. It gives the body additional support when performing complex asanas, and also increases the stability of the position.

Buckwheat husk is considered the best filler for bolster. This filler maximizes muscle relaxation and helps you achieve great results. Thanks to the structure of the filler, yoga bolster with buckwheat husk “breathe” and perfectly circulate the air inside it ,keeping the temperature of your body on a comfort level. Buckwheat husk filling also helps to correct spinal deformities (scoliosis, osteochondrosis), relieve headaches and improve the quality of sleep.

Air Element Collection is defined as a constant mobile state, its changeable direction is in direct proportion to specific situations. The air element is inextricably intertwined with temporary Space, connects the past with the present and future. People related to the Air element are fueled by the Breath of God, drawing their ideas literally from the air.


Material: Cover – 80% cotton, 20% polyester, inside cover – 100% cotton fabric, 100% buckwheat husk filling
Dimensions: 60cm length, 5kg

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