Our Air Elements Collection yoga mat made from microfiber and rubber is an essential and must-have attribute in your yoga practice. It’s comfortable, soft, and versatile.
The mat does not require additional maintenance, is practical and ultra durable.

Unique designer print will delight you for a long time in meditation and practice.

As for the material, microfiber and rubber are natural and eco-friendly materials that have good adhesion to the floor and does not contain harmful substances.
It is really pleasant and comfortable to practice on this amazing mat. Safety, comfort and beauty always come first.

Creating the Elements collection, we thought about our customers and their interests, about what would help you to concentrate on the main thing and discard unnecessary things. This is how the Elements collection, featuring several types of elements ,was developed.

If you love attention, then the Air Elements yoga mat is your perfect solution.


Material: High quality microfiber and rubber
Dimensions: 183x60x0.3mm, 2.5kg

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Length, cm

Wide, cm

Thick, mm


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