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We are glad to present you our novelty – 100% natural pine-tree Yoga brick with Mandala print!

The yoga brick (yoga block) is a «must-have» tool in yoga practice. This excellent piece of our Mandala collection will help you build your body correctly, regardless of your level of flexibility.

The use of a yoga brick is especially recommended for beginners, since at the beginning of the practice it is difficult to perform the asana without additional support so that it does not cause unnecessary tension in the body. The use of yoga bricks ensures the required quality of the posture and its safety.

The design of Mandala flower on the brick is inspired by its translation from Sanskrit: magic circle. Mandala is a sacred geometry that we find everywhere in God’s creation – from the structure of Galaxies to atoms.


Material: 100% Pine-tree
Dimensions: 23”L, 11”width, 8”height, 1 kg

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