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RamaYoga is a project that was originally positioned as a YOGA SHOP, but thanks to our beloved clients and a wonderful team has turned into like Marketplace, where you can find almost EVERYTHING FOR YOGA and spiritual development. A wide range of quality items at the lowest prices – our core objective.We create a space in which you will feel comfortable to develop, and therefore enjoy every thing and approach the purchase consciously and meaningfully.

We exist since 2009 (not a short period for any business) – and in that time you have helped us:

  • Turn into a hypermarket of goods for yoga and spiritual development – our range of products exceeds 5 000 items.
  • Only the highest quality yoga products directly from factories – we have exclusive supply contracts with factories in Europe (Germany, Spain, Kazakhstan) and Asia (Taiwan, China).
  • To introduce unique services on the web-site: yoga-tours, seminars and subscriptions to yoga-centers in order to manage your time “without leaving the monitor”.
For over 13 years, we’ve been creating yoga practice products under our own brand, RamaYoga. We’ve walked a very long way in our discovery of this path and the awareness of what we’ve achieved fills our hearts with true happiness. From a company of 2 people we have grown to 50 with our own production area of over 1500 sq.m., retail stores in another country, franchises, and over 500 wholesale customers all over the world.We know practically everything about yoga goods and know how to make them qualitatively and above all – beautiful and functional. We use the most environmentally friendly materials, as well as each of our products are practically handmade.

Yes – we’re not a Chinese factory with automated processes – we’re a family company with its own genes and commitment to the best for you. We’re young enough in our quest to conquer this world and your hearts. Making Yoga as a lifestyle, Yoga mat as art.


Ramayoga CEO
“We try to do our thing for you – because you are the most IMPORTANT thing we have!”

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