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AKO-yoga Yin-Yang Studio Yoga Mat 183 cm x 3 mm
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Yoga mats
Everyone who practices yoga always has a yoga mat in his set of devices. It can be one or there can be several. They can be from different materials, and also vary in size, texture, thickness and other parameters. Yoga mats are created different in their properties and functions depending on the direction of yoga. A personal yoga mat is an expression of the desire to take yoga into your life.

If you are already a master of yoga, then there is no need to explain why different mats are used. Choose a yoga mat in our catalog that will help increase your level and show your personality.

If you have recently started doing yoga, pay attention to our tips and criteria that will help you choose your yoga mat:


Yoga mats are usually standard sizes. The width is from 60 to 80 cm, the length is from 170 to 220 cm and the thickness is from 3 to 6 mm. The mat is selected based on the parameters of the person. The whole body should comfortably enter on the mat. It is recommended to choose the length with a small margin of growth of about 20 cm. The thickness is selected individually.

It will be softer and more comfortable for you to do asanas on a thicker yoga mat. If you plan to take a yoga mat with you on your travels, you need to consider its size when it is folded. If you need a rug of non-standard length, then you can purchase a special roll of yoga mat and cut the desired length.


One of the main qualities of the mat is its grip. Many travel mats and sports mats are not suitable for yoga. The bottom layer should stick to the floor so that when you perform the asana there is no slipping. The top cover should hold all parts of the body on the mat. An optimal balance of traction will allow you to safely perform complex exercises, such as balance and stretching asanas.


Rugs are made of various materials: polyvinyl chloride (PVC), latex, cotton, cork or jute.

The material of the yoga mat is selected according to the characteristics of your practice. Yoga mats from any materials will be suitable for quiet and leisurely activities. In this case, you can get your taste. If you practice active yoga, then cheap PVC sports or touring mats with closed pores will not work for you, because they do not absorb moisture well and you will slip on them. In this case, pay attention to open-pore PVC mats with cotton, cork or jute.


If you practice yoga regularly and intensively, then pay attention to such a parameter as the strength of a yoga mat. The most durable are reinforced mats, but they are quite heavy. Therefore, they are most suitable for doing yoga at home.

Experienced consultants will help you make a choice among a wide range of products. You can choose and buy yoga mats in the online store RamaYoga.

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