Suitable for yoga mats up to 60-63 cm wide.

Our Mandala Black designer yoga bag combines contemporary style with maximum comfort. It is great for carrying your yoga mat, the belt is adjustable so the bag can be easily carried over the shoulder or back. Stylish and original cover made of high-quality and absolutely waterproof material, will allow you to carry the bag and yoga equipment easily and with pure joy, keeping things clean and dry.

This innovative Mandala yoga mat bag has been designed to comfortably and easily accommodate your yoga mats, as well as additional accessories such as towels, clothes, etc.

The deep black colour of our roomy yoga mat bag will suit especially the traveling yogi who prefer to have all the essentials to practice in one bag. Also, the zipper of this bag opens around the entire perimeter of it, providing almost hassle-free loading of sticky natural rubber mats.

Sophisticated and sleek, our Mandala Black Yoga Mat Bag is both beautiful and practical! The Mandala flower print on it represents the whole universe coalesced into a single pattern and the union of mind, body and spirit. It is believed that these drawings can protect, attract wealth, love, improve health, etc. Carry this symbol, relaxation, and peace of mind with you to and from yoga class.

As professional yogis say: “Where there is order in things, there is order in the head!”


Material: 80% cotton fabric, 20% polyester.
Dimensions: 65”L 16” diameter. Weight: 0.2 kg

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