The Mandala Blue Germany yoga mat is made of modern high quality material, soft, but at the same time strong enough to withstand strong mechanical stress. Our mat without additional devices is rigidly fixed on the smoothest surface, non-slip and pleasant to the touch. Its aesthetic parameters are fully consistent with modern requirements – there is a mandala “flower of life” print on the surface and gorgeous deep blue colour that will suit anyone who likes stylish and original designs. It can be used for yoga, fitness and aerobics both at home and in gyms.

The thickness of the mat is 4.5 mm. That is ideal, on such a mat you will not freeze on a cold floor and experience discomfort in the rest on the knee or inverted positions. The thicker mat already loses in stability.

If you need a reliable, and at the same time inexpensive and lightweight mat for an offsite seminar in a yoga room, then Mandala Blue Yoga Mat is the number one candidate. It is surprisingly hygienic, sand and debris does not stick to it. It is very easy to clean – use an ordinary soapy sponge and water and it will delight you with a good appearance for a very long time.

Over time, this mat only improves its qualities, it becomes softer and stickier. Its surfaces are different – the lower one, which is adjacent to the floor, is completely smooth. This ensures excellent adhesion. The upper surface is rough, does not allow the palms and feet to slip. It is also very high quality reinforced , which prevents its deformation and stretching even with very strong stops and shifts when performing dynamic yoga elements.


– amazing strength, comfortable thickness (4.5mm), hygienic
– does not slide and does not stretch
– low price and low weight

The design of the mat will not leave anyone indifferent. With such a prop you will always be in high spirits and good mood.

Pay attention to the length and width of the mat. You will have more space to practice, which means more comfort.

If you care about your health, get a personal yoga mat, and the Ramayoga store will help you choose one that suits your needs and goals.


Material: High quality PVC
Dimensions: 183x60x0.45 cm , 1.4kg

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Length, cm

Thick, mm

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