Flax yoga bag is an indispensable item for the long life of your mat, as well as a convenient carrying bag.

The cover is made of natural flax, and all fittings are securely fastened.

Going to a yoga class, pilates or outdoor activities our Flax Zodiac Mat bag is large enough to hold everything you might need : training clothes, phone, water bottle and not only a mat but more yoga tools. It is not only spacious and practical, but also very easy-to-clean and stylish: thanks to the high quality materials and unique classic design.

Additional convenience and comfort is added to the product by an adjustable locking handle, which makes it possible to carry a bag with a mat on the shoulder, behind the back or in the hands with comfort and without any stress.

As professional yogis say: “Where there is order in things, there is order in the head!”


Materials: 100% flax
Dimensions: 0.2kg

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