Suitable for yoga mats up to 60-63 cm wide

Mandala Grey Mat bag is a perfect example of comfort and style combined together. From the very beginning you will appreciate the big zipper that opens around the entire bag providing comfortable use of the large bag capacity for easy carrying of the yoga mat and all the necessary stuff for your yoga practice. Made from 100% high quality materials and low-impact dyes, our Mandala grey yoga mat bag has a strong adjustable strap and a coated metal buckle.

Due to the fact that this model is offered in a calm grey colour, you can choose the Mandala Grey yoga bag that suits you or present it to your partner.

Our Mandala grey yoga mat bag is perfect to consolidate and simplify your daily workout supplies and your most important tools too. It is very stylish, practical, functional and durable due to its waterproof materials.

If you are tired of mediocre design and simple shapes, if you are used to standing out from the crowd and appreciate style in details – then the Mandala Grey yoga mat bag is perfect for you! Do not consider it to be primordially feminine, because the balanced gray color scheme, white Mandala flower print and black strap look great on a man’s shoulder!
As professional yogis say: “Where there is order in things, there is order in the head!”


Material: 80% cotton fabric, 20% polyester.
Dimensions: 65”L 16” diameter. Weight: 0.2 kg

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