The Mandala Black cushion for meditation is an indispensable tool for relieving stress, tension and heavy thoughts. The pillow not only allows you to achieve the correct body position during meditation practices without unnecessary stress, but also makes them deeper and more conscious.

Its special crescent shape, rich black color and symbolic image of the mandala help to tune into meditation, enter the desired state and disconnect from the surrounding bustle and noise.

We see and perceive the world as a whole, but it’s about the details that fill it with colors. For all fans of yoga and meditation practices, the Mandala Black pillow is a detail they are looking for. Make the time spent alone with yourself as pleasant, useful and energizing as possible.

The pillow is filled with durable and environmentally friendly buckwheat husk. The outer cover is made of delicate cotton fabric.


Material: Crescent meditation pillow is filled with 100% Buckhweat Husk. Cover is removable and made of ultra soft material. 80% Cotton fabric, 20% Polyester.
Weight: 1.2 kg

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