We are glad to present you our novelty – 100% natural pine-tree Yoga brick with Mandala print!

Our Mandala yoga brick is best suited as an additional support for teaching yoga and Pilates, it is used as a support element that helps to hold the asana correctly. It has several important qualities that determine your choice:

  • has a low weight (1000gr). This weight does not overload the brush and at the same time provides the necessary stability;
  • has excellent “dry” friction, the brick does not slip even from sweaty hands, 100% natural pine-tree is very pleasant to the touch, “warm”;
  • perfectly rounded edges provide precise and comfortable support
  • it has optimal, proven by practice dimensions, easy for grip and control

Our Mandala yoga brick will always be useful to you, at any stage of mastering yoga. It is especially recommended to use our yoga block for beginners, since at the beginning of the practice it is difficult to take the form of an asana without additional support so that it does not cause unnecessary tension in the body.

This unique and inimitable Mandala design was inspired by the fact that certain practice with such mandalas, an appropriate setting, time, relaxation, coloring or contemplation of this print of the mandala flower, will allow a person to rebuild something internally and achieve the expected result.


Material: 100% Pine-tree
Dimensions: 23”L, 11”width, 8”height, 1 kg

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Length, cm

Wide, cm

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