Water Elements yoga bolster is a dense dense pillow used to support particular parts of the body in different asanas. Like other yoga props, it helps take the strain off the body as you ease from pose to pose.

Used mainly in restorative yoga, our buckwheat Water Element bolster provides not only comfort but support for the body to achieve the best circulation of blood flow.

The main purpose of our Yoga Bolster is to make the practice more comfortable, to make the backbend asanas more effective, and also to make some asanas easier for beginners.

It is very commonly used in forward bend poses, where people with limited elasticity of tendons or muscles may need additional support for the trunk. In such positions, the roller can be placed on the floor in front of you or on your knees. The use of a roller in this case ensures the correct distribution of loads, helps to stretch muscles and tendons.

The unique design was inspired by the theories of philosophers who believed that water occupies the most important place in our existence and is the basis and origin of all things.


Material: Cover – 80% cotton, 20% polyester, inside cover – 100% cotton fabric, 100% buckwheat husk filling
Dimensions: 60cm length, 5kg

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