Crescent Yoga pillow for meditation will make your yoga exercises more correct and simple.

Our pillow is not in vain made in the shape of a crescent – due to this shape, it is much easier to perform sitting postures (for example, the Lotus pose). Also, your back muscles will be relaxed, which leads to its correct straightening.

The crescent pillow is made of flax, has an inner additional cover filled with 100% buckwheat husk.

Comfortable and compact original Flax Ramayoga Crescent pillow will become an indispensable companion for amateurs and professionals of spiritual practices such as yoga and meditation, will help you to relax and focus in the best way on the lesson, perform practices with benefit and the most productive result.


Materials: 100% flax – outer cover, 100% cotton fabric – inner cover, 100% buckwheat husk – filling
Dimensions: 38x15x9cm, 1.2kg

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