We are glad to present you our novelty – 100% natural pine-tree Yoga brick with Mandala print!

Our high quality pine yoga brick is a versatile helper during your practice. Its price is minimal, and consumer qualities are huge. We use the highest quality pine wood for the manufacture of these bricks. Often knots can be found in pine products, resin can appear, staining hands and clothes. We offer you a pine block of the highest quality – sanded, without knots, resin and hidden flaws. All our blocks have passed double quality control. They are polished twice and covered with eco-friendly Mandala print.

The pattern of the Mandala “Flower of Life” is a symbol that has been found since ancient times in the traditions of many people. It contains many aspects of life: mathematical formulas and relationships, laws of physics, musical harmonies, biological life forms and principles of creation. The “flower of life” is a drawing of creation and it generates an absolutely harmonious field.

The design of our Mandala flower yoga brick is built the way everything in the universe is built. It’s more than just a tool, it’s your indispensable companion in any yoga practice.


Material: 100% Pine-tree
Dimensions: 23”L, 11”width, 8”height, 1 kg

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Length, cm

Wide, cm

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