Benefits: Mandala Grey yoga wheel is a round accessory designed to aid in stretching, releasing tension, and increasing flexibility. The surface of our wheel is made of high quality rubber , which provides a comfortable, elastic surface, adhering softly and lightly to the back and joints. The frame is made of 100% pine-wood.
Our Mandala yoga wheel is versatile: it can help you stretch deeper and release tension in tight spaces. You can roll on it, lie on it, lie on it and breathe, and it really helps open your shoulders like no other yoga prop.
There are various benefits of yoga wheels, but a few important ones are outlined below.
– it can help relieve pressure when flexing
– it can help prevent injury
– it can help improve your flexibility
– it can help relieve painful conditions
– it will make you stronger
– it will strengthen your posture and help you relax
There are over 200 asanas that can be performed with our yoga wheel. These poses have been carefully researched in light of people’s current lifestyles and how using one prop can greatly improve it.

The design of Mandala flower on Our Mandala Grey Wheel is inspired by its translation from Sanskrit: magic circle. Mandala is a sacred geometry that we find everywhere in God’s creation – from the structure of Galaxies to atoms. The royal calm Grey colour is suitable for every lover of design that combines warmth and tranquility, harmony and pacification. It will become an irreplaceable helper in any of your yoga classes.


Material: Frame – 100% pine-wood, surface – high quality soft rubber
Dimensions: 32cm diameter, 1.6 kg weight

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