Our Black Mandala meditation cushion is the perfect choice for a message to your body and soul, as well as to the world around you. The collection is based on purity and traditional brevity of lines, which makes yoga classes not only healthy, but also an excellent meditative practice. The rich dark black color of the pillow is also full of meaning – it reflects the depths of the subconscious, in which the answers to the most important and difficult questions are hidden.

One of the purposes of yoga is to achieve harmony not only with yourself, but also with the world around you. Therefore, buckwheat husk acts as a pillow filler. The outer cover is made of cotton fabric with the addition of polyester, which provides maximum tactile comfort of the pillow, combined with practicality.

Our professional pillow, made with indifference, love and attention to every detail, will become an indispensable companion for both experienced practitioners and those who are just starting to get acquainted with yoga and its possibilities.


Material: Meditation cushion is filled with 100% Buckwheat husk, cover is removable and made of super soft materials. 80% cotton fabric, 20% polyester.
Dimensions: Diameter 30cm, height 15cm, weight 2kg

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