Our Fifth Element yoga bolster is a must-have accessory for all types of yoga practice. Wide application allows using the bolster as a support during sitting postures, passive forward bends, backward bends, pranayama practice.

Bolster is especially useful for Yoginis, as it has a positive effect on the female body.
You can also use our yoga bolster as a corrector for the spine, lower back and back in general.

You can do exercises with a forward bend, in which case the bolster will serve as a support where your body lacks stretch, and you can relax your muscles.

But the most popular is the bolster backbends, when you place the bolster under your back, leaving the pelvic area on the floor – the desired muscle traction in the lower back is formed. We also recommend the use of weights or sandbags, which are placed on your shoulders to straighten your posture.


Material: Cover – 80% cotton, 20% polyester, inside cover – 100% cotton fabric, 100% buckwheat husk filling
Dimensions: 60cm length, 5kg

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