The Mandala Grey Germany yoga mat is made of modern high quality material, soft, but at the same time strong enough to withstand strong mechanical stress. Our mat without additional devices is rigidly fixed on the smoothest surface, non-slip and pleasant to the touch.

Mandala Grey yoga Mat is one of the thinnest (4.5 mm) high-quality mats that will surprise you with its properties. The mat has a unique anti-slip double-sided surface that gives it extraordinary grip. With this yoga mat you will forget about slipping. Only concentration and practice.

Here are some of the important advantages of Mandala Grey Yoga mat:

  1. The mat is surprisingly durable, it is almost impossible to wipe it even for people with increased weight and intensive practice.
  2. It is dense and elastic, which provides real comfort during exercise.
  3. It is relatively inexpensive, is in the “golden mean” for the price among analogues.

We designed our Mandala Grey yoga mat thinking about yoga practitioners in mind – they will never slip even on wet palms. Only asana, concentration and breathing. No more worrying about your palms slipping off. It has an open cell structure like a sponge. The anti-slip effect is enhanced by its high absorbency and further removal of moisture and odors.

The design of mandala pattern on our yoga mat is a complex pattern featuring dozens of circles arranged in an overlapping design. Many people find that the areas where the circles overlap resemble the petals of flowers, and so it earned the name the Flower of Life. It was commonly used across the Mesopotamian and Northern African in pre-Christian times, with some of the most famous examples showing up on Egyptian temples for Osiris. It’s calm and royal grey colour will deliver the most enjoyable experience on any yoga classes or other physical activities.

Storage and care tips: Only gentle hand wash is allowed without adding abrasives. The mat can be wiped clean with a damp sponge or sprayed with an antibacterial spray.

The mat dries quickly. You can easily remove the marks or any stains with a damp cloth or rinse the mat under the shower.
If you care about your health, get a personal yoga mat, and the Ramayoga store will help you choose one that suits your needs and goals.


Material: High quality PVC
Dimensions: 183x60x0.45 cm , 1.4kg

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Length, cm

Wide, cm

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