The Fire Elements Collection yoga brick is an indispensable attribute for your yoga trainings.

The brick helps to hold the asana as long as possible and makes it easier to stay in it as long as you can, it is also a great support when performing standing poses, twists, sitting postures, bends and inverted poses.

Our yoga brick is an excellent support to improve flexibility and balance it helps with holding balance, which is especially helpful when standing, squatting, and performing asanas.

Several yoga bricks are often needed at once to enter the asana correctly, and our new Elements collection is designed in such a way that each one of its elements is perfectly combined with another without getting out of concept.
The price is shown for one brick!


Material: 100% pine-wood
Dimensions: 23x11x8cm, 1kg

Additional information

Weight N/A
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Length, cm

Wide, cm


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