Every yogi is looking to improve circulation and aid in relaxation techniques. That’s why our Earth Elements yoga bolster is the perfect prop for everyone. Not just another pillow, bolster assists you in your practice by lifting your body up or applying pressure where needed.

Our yoga bolster allows the practitioner to properly straighten the spine, effectively relax the upper, lower body and neck. It is also used in lying asanas, forward bends (as a support under the abdomen).

If in the studio you use them with pleasure and benefit when performing asanas, then they will be indispensable for home practice. If you do without them in the studio, then at home they can be a good helper for relaxation and meditation. Even when there is no strength to perform asanas, it will be much easier for the spine to provide relaxation and rest if you have a bolster filled with buckwheat husk at hand.

The element of the Earth in our Collection personifies creative activity, strengthening of spiritual strength and intellectual content. According to the concept of ancient astrologers, the element of the Earth corresponds to such a position as Matter. The earthly element reflects in itself constancy, clear completeness of forms, unchanging structure and resistance to external stimuli.

This element symbolizes spiritual rebirth and creation, it is tuned to the practical use of the material world.


Material: Cover – 80% cotton, 20% polyester, inside cover – 100% cotton fabric, 100% buckwheat husk filling
Dimensions: 60cm length, 5kg

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