Yoga Kit includes:
1. Yoga mat Mandala Grey Germany – 1 piece

  1. Yoga wheel Mandala Grey – 1 piece
  2. Mandala Grey meditation cushion – 1 piece
  3. Crescent pillow for meditation Mandala Grey – 1 piece
  4. Cover for Mandala Grey mat – 1 piece
  5. Bricks for yoga Mandala №1 – 2 pieces
  6. Buckwheat bolster Mandala Grey – 1 piece
    The main attribute of every practitioner and yoga set is a yoga mat, which is the key to comfortable and safe practices. Choosing a mat is often a time consuming and difficult question, as there are many questions to be answered in order to understand which mat is right for you. This process is especially difficult for beginners, which is why Our Mandala yoga kit is so beneficial – it offers you an average yoga mat that will suit most yoga beginners and their needs!
    Yoga blocks or yoga bricks, which are also included in our Mandala Grey yoga kit, are an indispensable attribute for both a beginner yoga practitioner and those who have been practicing yoga for a long time. For a beginner, yoga blocks are needed for additional emphasis in cases where body flexibility is not good enough. For practitioners and professionals, yoga bricks are needed to strengthen their stretches and make the body even more flexible.
    Another important part of the yoga set is the mat cover, which keeps out dust and dirt, which is very important for hygiene reasons, and reduces the likelihood of damage to the surface of the yoga mat during transportation.
    Our buckwheat Mandala Grey bolster is ideal for performing inverted asanas and spinal correction. The use of bolster allows you to relax your back muscles and get rid of kyphosis, Crescent Mandala Grey Yoga pillow has 100% Buckwheat husk filling , that perfectly circulates air, maintaining the temperature inside the product that is necessary for the human body. Super soft cotton fabric cover is very delicate and pleasant to the touch and does not cause allergies, does not absorb unpleasant odors and moisture, which also brings pure pleasure from using the accessory.
    The Mandala Grey meditation cushion for yoga filled with buckwheat husk will help to maintain the best meditation postures and comfortable positions for spiritual practices, relieve tension from the back, legs, knees and ankles, and have a great relaxation and rest. This pillow will provide not only comfort, but also the correct position of the spine, which will contribute to a powerful meditative state, and also, productive yoga practices. Mandala Grey yoga wheel is a round accessory designed to aid in stretching, releasing tension, and increasing flexibility. The surface of our wheel is made of high quality rubber , which provides a comfortable, elastic surface, adhering softly and lightly to the back and joints. The frame is made of 100% pine-wood. For those who are looking to fight excess weight, the yoga wheel is the best accessory. Mandala yoga wheel will help to open up the chest, shoulders, and back, it will help you build the correct posture and, most importantly, increase flexibility.
    The royal and calm grey colour is suitable for every lover of design that combines warmth and tranquility, harmony and pacification. It will become an irreplaceable helper in any of your yoga classes. The mandala flower design in this Mandala Grey kit embodies the desire for its true nature, order and harmony in the soul and body. This is a kind of indication of the path to yourself, your spiritual center. Its symbolism makes the practice deeper and more fulfilling. This is the very detail that allows you to understand the purpose and possibilities of yoga, get away from the environment and focus on what you are doing at the moment for yourself.

Buying Mandala Grey yoga kit, you immediately get everything you need to start your classes and practices, without spending additional time on the selection of each accessory additional time. At the same time, the set includes a mat, 2 bricks, meditation cushion, mat cover, buckwheat bolster and crescent pillow and a yoga wheel high in quality and its main properties. In addition, by buying a yoga kit, and not separately each accessory, you save money, since the separately components of the kit are more expensive.

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