Benefits: Mandala Blue yoga wheel is a round accessory designed to aid in stretching, releasing tension, and increasing flexibility. The surface of our wheel is made of high quality rubber , which provides a comfortable, elastic surface, adhering softly and lightly to the back and joints. The frame is made of 100% pine-wood. For those who are looking to fight excess weight, the yoga wheel is the best accessory. Mandala yoga wheel will help to open up the chest, shoulders, and back, it will help you build the correct posture and, most importantly, increase flexibility. The dimensions of our Mandala yoga wheel are specially designed to treat back pain and massage the entire length of the spine ,so you won’t require any professional massage.
The “flower of life” printed on our Mandala wheel and its heavenly blue colour will generate an absolutely harmonious field on your yoga class. Super strong form factor combined with innovative design won’t leave indifferent any person next to you, and at the same time will give you many unforgettable memories and impressions.


Material: Frame is made of 100% pine-wood, surface – high quality soft rubber
Dimensions: 32cm diameter, 1.6 kg weight

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