The Fifth element Elements Collection yoga mat made of microfiber and rubber is super soft mat with a woven surface that looks amazing! It is very durable and versatile in size.
Microfiber perfectly absorbs moisture, this is a significant advantage for yogis with increased sweating.

Our Fifth element yoga mat is soft and pleasant to the touch. The design is easily applied to such material and pleases you with its appearance for a long time.

Today, the variety of yoga mats is enormous. They are made from different materials, have different size, thickness, weight, color, but it is all about the design that sets the Fifth element yoga mat from all other mats.
Uniqueness, beauty, art, comfort and safety, it’s all about the Fifth element yoga mat.


Material: High quality microfiber and rubber
Dimensions: 183x60x0.3mm, 2.5kg

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Wide, cm

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