Yoga Brick Water Elements Collection is a unique collection in which you can find reflections of several elements. These elements, like yoga bricks, represent strength and power.

Our yoga brick is a really useful tool that will help you significantly deepen your practice and improve your physical well-being. It will help you not only with stretching, asanas and practices, but also with meditations, keeping strength and concentration.

You no longer have to worry about balance during training, or about the inconvenience that may arise, for this you will always have a yoga brick at hand.

Using a yoga brick will help you not overexert yourself, improve your alignment, and deepen your posture to become more flexible and strong. In most cases where your hands are unable to touch the ground in a pose, you will find it helpful to use a yoga brick.

As for the pattern, it is applied in such a way that it will not suffer with your frequent training or moisture ingress.

The Elements collection was created for lovers of art and eco-friendly materials.
The shown price is for one brick!


Material: 100% pine-wood
Dimensions: 23x11x8cm, 1kg

Additional information

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Length, cm

Wide, cm


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