Benefits: Mandala Black yoga wheel is a round accessory designed to aid in stretching, releasing tension, and increasing flexibility. The surface of our wheel is made of high quality rubber , which provides a comfortable, elastic surface, adhering softly and lightly to the back and joints. The frame is made of 100% pine-wood.
Our Mandala Black Yoga Wheel is a versatile yoga prop that you can use to:

  1. Learn to do deep backbends and difficult asanas safely
    2. Exercise physical and mental balance
    3. Stretch and strengthen the spine
    4. Develop flexibility in the whole body
    The yoga wheel is pleasant for practitioners for other reasons as well.
    Its symbolism is that the wheel is a symbol of the feminine principle, understandable to any person in the world and understood in the same way. Therefore, the shape of the circle is so pleasing to any eye.
    And to the eye of a yoga practitioner, the shape of the wheel is pleasing because of the connotation to a meaningful concept in yoga – “chakra”.
    Our Mandala Black yoga wheel will diversify the photo tape or Instagram of yoga schools, yoga teachers, and especially acoro-yogis. It is especially suitable for photographs of those who practice couple yoga, as the wheel between the two practices – adds a special aesthetic to photos with symmetrical poses.
    Its deep black color and the Mandala flower, designed to help you resist any negative energy and concentrate on opening your chakra, will suit both men and women. You can be sure, you will collect the looks of your yoga mates with our yoga accessory Mandala Black Yoga Wheel.

Material: Frame – 100% pine-wood, surface – high quality soft rubber
Dimensions: 32cm diameter, 1.6 kg weight

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