The Fifth element Elements Collection yoga brick is a functional and concise accessory for your yoga practices. Despite the fact that it is made of pine and is completely natural, it is very easy and convenient to take it with you on any physical activities.

Wooden brick for yoga is valued for its stability, which is an important plus in practice. This is achieved by the correct brick shape, hardness and considerable weight.
You level of training does not matter, yoga bricks have been designed to help you master various asanas, backbends and more.

The brick comes in handy if you need support for your neck or head while lying down during meditation (placed under your head) to help support the weight of your head without straining your neck and spine.

It is great for helping to determine the center of gravity and concentrate in practice, without being distracted and straining.
The shown price is for one brick!


Material: 100% pine-wood
Dimensions: 23x11x8cm, 1kg

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