Yoga bolsters are types of pillows and rollers that are used in the practice of asanas and pranayama, as well as for relaxation. Their main purpose is to make the practice more comfortable, to make the backbend asanas more effective, as well as to make some asanas easier for beginners.

You would ask: “Why should I simplify the performance of asanas?” The use of our Fire Elements Collection Yoga bolster makes it easier to practice in the early stages of mastering asanas, especially for people with poor physical fitness, weakened after illness or injury. Also bolsters are necessary for pregnant women, they enable them to perform asanas with the correct distribution of the load.

100% buckwheat husk filling of our yoga bolster has a big advantage: the ability to “remember” and keep the shape given to it. Buckwheat husk-filled bolsters are anatomically accurate to follow the curves of the spine.

Fire Element printed on the cover describes divine energy that lives inside each person.

The element of Fire exists in nature at different levels, although they have the same basis. Ancient wisdom teaches that Fire is the beginning and basis of the spirit, it is something that needs to be awakened, revealed, developed in oneself, something that can transform the inner spiritual nature of a person.


Material: Cover – 80% cotton, 20% polyester, inside cover – 100% cotton fabric, 100% buckwheat husk filling
Dimensions: 60cm length, 5kg

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