The yoga brick is an indispensable support block for your yoga trainings and workouts.

This props will be useful for bends, twists, standing asanas and backbends.

Its main advantage and function is to help you hold the asana longer, as well as to facilitate entry into it.
The use of a yoga brick is especially recommended for beginners, since at the beginning of the practice it is difficult to perform the asana without additional support so that it does not cause unnecessary tension in the body.

Another big plus is that yoga brick is a great tool for deepening your flexibility and stretching.

Yoga brick from the OM collection will be an “extension” for your hands when performing asanas and an excellent design solution.




Material: 100% Pine-tree
Dimensions: 23”L, 11”width, 8”height, 1 kg

Additional information


Length, cm

Wide, cm

Weight, kg


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