Crescent-shaped buckwheat husk yoga pillow is a budget version of a healthy yoga pillow that can be used in everyday life.

The crescent pillow in yoga is used for meditation, because not all practitioners can boast a good opening of the pelvic area for the correct setting of the Lotus pose. In these cases, the crescent-shaped cushion will come in handy, the height of the product will smooth out all the deficiencies in the stretching of the muscles of the thighs and legs.

We also recommend using a crescent pillow in everyday life, because products made of buckwheat husk have a favorable effect on the body. The comfortable crescent shape allows you to use the product as a pillow under the head, many of our customers even sleep on such comfortable buckwheat pillows. Put the pillow under your neck while you are resting while watching TV or reading a book, and you will see the positive result very soon – buckwheat husk helps relieve headaches and muscle pain, and the smell of buckwheat helps with depression and insomnia!

Buckwheat crescent-shaped pillow is a great gift for your loved ones, because the positive effect of a universal and practical pillow is priceless!

Length – 38 cm
Diameter – 15 cm
Width – 9 cm
Weight – 1 kg
Filling: buckwheat husk
Outer cover – blended fabric, 80% cotton, 20% polyester

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Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

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