A meditation cushion is an indispensable attribute of your practice.

Regardless of which posture is taken during meditation, the most important aspects are: a solid foundation, correct posture to support the body and breathing, and comfort.

Meditation pillows play an important role in achieving comfort so that a person can focus on their thoughts and not be distracted by physical discomforts.

Do not forget about the important component – the filling of the pillow. In this case, it is 100% buckwheat husk. Therefore, in general, the sensations will be – as if you are sitting on the sand. In addition, it allows you to raise the pelvis higher than, for example, a crescent pillow.

A meditation pillow is an excellent assistant in achieving enlightenment and harmony with yourself and your body.


Material: Dream Om Meditation cushion is filled with 100% Buckwheat husk, cover is removable and made of super 80% cotton fabric and 20% polyester.
Dimensions: Diameter 30cm, height 15cm, weight 2kg

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