The meditation cushion is a comfortable accessory for your meditations.

It will keep you in the right position and motivate you to exercise every day.

Meditation practice is an important aspect in knowing and accepting yoga. And any meditation should be comfortable so as not to cause you unnecessary inconvenience during the practice itself.
You will be able to concentrate on your thoughts, forgetting about everything around you.

The traditional Lotus position is much more pleasant and comfortable to perform on a meditation cushion.

With our Dream Om meditation cushion, you will not be limited in any postures.

The Dream Om collection will take you to the next level of yoga knowledge.


Material: Dream Om Meditation cushion is filled with 100% Buckwheat husk, cover is removable and made of super 80% cotton fabric and 20% polyester.
Dimensions: Diameter 30cm, height 15cm, weight 2kg

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